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The Wise Raven

Could you give a reading on my life?

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Hello,I've heard of so many 'special' people on UM and I have recently had shockingly accurate readings before from numeroligists which only gave my full name and birthdate and they determind my personality 98% correctly and I have tried tarot and am currently undecided on it as I am 50%believer 50% skeptic so I decided to ask you 'physics' here on UM for a reading on:

Me,my personality,habits,true hidden desires.

My Life, How the people in my life have effected me.

My Future,how will my life most likely pan-out?





Also could you list your technique. Like was it your own feelings,did you use tarot,numerology or even ask an ouija board etc.

My birthdate is 31st march 1996 and you can find basic details on me on my profile/blog. This reading has to be as specific as possible,my profile/blog can only provide a basic analysis on me,I am a much deeper person then in the blog and have many secrets I hold to myself. Lets see how much you can unravel about me :)

Though you can use my blog/profile TRY not too cheat......

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I don't have a reading for you, but I got to say I thought you were way older. That's a compliment, because your posts are alot more articulate than I'd expect from a 12 year old on the internet :)

Keep up the good work :tu:

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Wow, you are young. ^_^

No mater how much I would want to... I can only read hands *sorry* :huh:

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