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New Blue Band Around Jupiter

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Left: Blue band began elongating and widening two weeks ago in Jupiter's dark South Equatorial Belt.

Right: Normal bands and red spot on Jupiter. Images courtesy NASA.

Astronomer David Reneke told Australian Broadcasting Company: "The first hint that something unusual was taking place in the cloudy Jovian atmosphere came from a Spanish amateur (astronomer) when he reported that a small, bi-colored feature was forming in the Southern Hemisphere a little over two weeks ago. Now, this disturbance has stretched what looks like right around the planet. ...The wide band could quite easily measure three to four times the diameter of the Earth. Although Jupiter has, in the past, produced some unusual upper cloud features, nothing like this has ever been seen before!"

pictures can be seen at the web site


On September 21 2003 NASA sent the Galileo spacecraft into Jupiters atmosphere, possibly nuking it during the process. Wonder if that may have something to do with this new blue band???

info on Galileo beign sent to Jupiter - here

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I hate Blue, they are the worst band ever blink.gif

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