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A 6th Sense

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Hey everyone, I wanted to get your view on something after an experience I had last night.

So, I was going into the city at about 10:30pm to pick up my girlfriend and walked to the train station. The train arrived and the front carriage was locked, this is sometimes done due to graffiti on the outside, and as a fan (not an artist) I wanted to take a look.

I walked from carriage to carriage until I go to the second front carriage. I walked down the stairs to take a seat, and sitting up by the doors were some dodgy characters, drinking, smoking and just looking generally suss. Yes I was stereo-typing, but as soon as I saw them I was sure that something was going to happen it was just a "feeling". There were other people in the carriage so I wasn't to fussed. The two guys started staring at me. They would say something to each other and then go back to staring. I was sure they were talking about me, but how can I be sure. It was just that "feeling". Anyway, the train stopped and everyone expect me got out of the carriage. The train doors shut, and the two guys’s immediately stood up and started walking towards me. They stopped, and one of them started to get something out of his back pocket, they were doing their best to hide it from, but there fumbling revealed what looked like a small Leatherman.

So at this point, I put two and two together. They were going to try and roll me. I'm not too keen on giving away my belongings so I got up and headed for the inter-carriage door. I went from carriage to carriage but they followed me. When I got to the guards carriage they stopped. The train pulled up at the station. They didn't get off. So I waited a few moments. As soon as I got off, they got off too. I walked back on and they stayed off.

So the last paragraph doesn't really have anything to do original idea, but I just wanted to let you know all is alright.

I've seen, many dodgy people in the past before and haven’t had this 'feeling' of being sure something would happen, which is different to this time.

So my question is, does anyone here believe that people have some sort of "6th sense" I suppose where we can sense danger, much like we can "feel" tension between people.

As a sceptic I reasoned the whole situation like this: I stereo-typed the two people which made me suspicious, as the train tripped went on I read the body language which heightened my suspicions. Then my original feeling was confirmed, however if the situation never happened as it did, I'm sure the original feeling would have just been later thought as being paranoid.

What do you guys think?

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Its called Intuition everybody has it. I guess in a way it could be a 6th sense but Id think of it more as an alarm system. Kinda like it runs through a check list of things and if things get checked off it sets the alram off. You said they looked like the were bad news, they were talking to each other and staring at you, you became alone with them, they were pulling something out in a hiding manner, they were coming closer to you, they seem to follow you. The alarm got set off when you seen them and just keep going as things keep playing out.

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