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Warran Peace

Body Jumping

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It is hardly so simple, human consciousness resists another's invasion and a strange soul cannot enter a healthy body  but into a weakened or sick child can. At the same time, human consciousness is temporarily suppressed by an alien consciousness, but the soul is not banished forever.
In order for the soul to leave the body forever, it is necessary to interrupt the astral filament, but the aliens in such a body will not enter as they cannot graft their astral filament to another's body. Only high-level yogis are capable of this. All these cases are rare otherwise every night when a person leaves the body, someone would occupy our body and create something bad, but this does not happen.

Precisely because people would abuse superpowers we don't have them.

Also, ghosts and subtle essences cannot enter our body because our physical body, astral body and the thread connecting the bodies provide powerful protection to us therefore all otherworldly beings cannot break through this defense-armor otherwise they would have joyfully attacked us. In the case of mediumship, a person gives his body to serve otherworldly beings.


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Not A Rockstar
5 hours ago, Tatetopa said:

If you jump into somebody else body, do you evict their soul is it murder?

Nearly everyone on this long dead thread is long gone from UM. 

The sceptic answer is that of course not, because none of this soul stuff is real.

The esoteric answer is no, it doesn't happen, because we own our bodies, the silver cord is real and it secures us to our body and our body to us. This whole topic of body jumping is more akin to an Anne Rice novel (Tale of The Body Snatcher). 

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15 hours ago, MoonDream45 said:

My mom also told me that once  in the early 70's she went to the dentist and they had given her to much medication she said she felt her body float up like she was inside of a "lightbulb"

Dude....the same thing happened to me at the dentist...it was like, one minute I was laughing my buttocks off and the next minute I was like...          f  l  o  a  t  i  n  g....that's insane bro!

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