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Man builds gun to fire pumpkin a mile

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Man builds gun to fire pumpkin a mile

A man in the US has built a cannon to fire a pumpkin a mile.

Jim Bristoe's invention has a 30 foot barrel and is powered by a 700 gallon air tank.

It's named "Ain't All There".

During a demonstration in Elletsville, Indiana the 42-year-old electrician and mechanic said: "You don't need to cover your ears, but you're going to know I shot it."

When Mr Bristoe fires the cannon, a 10 pound pumpkin is hit with 11,300 pounds of force.

He says the pumpkin projectile leaves the muzzle at about 900 mph, and during the test it fired a pumpkin through the rear of a Pontiac.

Mr Bristoe plans to take the two tonne pumpkin cannon to the first annual Pumpkin Propulsion Contest at Verizon Wireless Music Centre near Noblesville, on Saturday.

The contest is sponsored by Indianapolis radio station WRZX-FM and is the brainchild of morning show host Gonzo Greg and his colleagues.

"It's more of an exhibition than a competition, and we don't know what to expect in terms of entries," said Greg.

Story filed: 18:04 Friday 18th October 2002


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