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The Cosmic Master phenomenon

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This guy summons spirits for personal gains and for benefiting followers.

Here's a video:

and a site talking about the Cosmic Master phenomenon:

What's your take on this?

If what he claims is true, then that means he has advanced in the ways that all of us can. On must be spiritually mature and have an open mind to all things in order to do great things.

Should people follow him? No, not as being more powerful than anyone else. Those with information don't always have good intent. Some people seek followers in order to drain them of their energies via attention.

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Running the other way is stereotypical for debunking unexplained mysteries.

A golddigger like me needs more substantial evidence. Keldario's retort sounds viable.

Can a person reach the heights of power that are purported by the Cosmic Master?

Can hypnosis provide greater mind power to an extent? Or is it more than hypnosis...

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I'm George and am a Targeted Individual. You have to wonder what's in my mind, appearing to be completely out of logic etc. That site belongs to me and please acknowledge that any TI may appear completely out of his mind because you have virtually just a fraction of conscious control once you made a target. And I've been targeted ever since birth.

I chimed in to post because I've lost many of the programs, currently only sell one of them and actually advised people to share them for free.

I am interested in getting back the programs I've lost like Get Lucky I and Kill The Lie.

If you can upload these programs someplace, basically everything except "The Awakener" which I keep selling to make ends meet somehow.

By the way, if you search for "Targeted Individuals" you will learn why some people have gone haywire, died, imprisoned or died for the matter.

It's the first time I think I've posted in a public forum except mine so don't think I'm making use of publicity to sell you on stuff.

As for the demons part, it's probably attributed to the mind control emissions that completely govern your behavior. I could be implanted with chips or it's simply DEW weapons used against me because I was "rotten" and will probably have to be wiped off the map. I have ended up not believing in demons but plain good old logic. Anyone can be remotely controlled and do crazy acts, lose touch with reality and you name it. Don't buy the "magic" stuff, it's technology behind the curtain that does the untold things you will probably never get to know.

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