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Five arrested in Madrid bombings

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MADRID, Spain - Spain's interior ministry announced Saturday that five suspects" including three Moroccans possibly linked to extremist groups" were arrested in the Madrid bombings that killed at least 200 people.

The arrests were announced on the eve of national elections and came amid opposition charges that the government, which had blamed Basque separatists for the bombings, was concealing a connection between Islamic militants and Spain's worst terror attack.

Tell us the truth, read a sign at a mass protest in Madrid that drew 2,000-3,000 people" many of whom blamed President Jose Maria Aznar for making Spain a target because he supported the U.S.-led war in Iraq. Other signs read, Aznar, it is your fault we are being killed and Aznar, your national and international policies are irresponsible and dangerous.

The five were arrested in connection with a cell phone inside an explosives-packed gym bag found on one of the bombed commuter trains.

The other two suspects had Indian passports, a ministry spokesman said. Also being questioned were two Spanish citizens of Indian origin.

The suspects could be related to Moroccan extremist groups, Interior Minister Angel Acebes said. But we should not rule out anything. Police are still investigating all avenues. This opens an important avenue....

Full Report Link

There are also some great free video

links on this page about this terrorist


What a world.


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Quick note here Officials within the

govenment of Spain are now saying that

they are 99% sure that radical islamic

terrorists were behind these attacks.

With that I am sure they are saying that

Al-Qaeda is the top suspect now.

In the last taped threats made by Al-Qaeda

they said they were panning attacks in

Spain, UK and then the mother of all

attacks in the USA.

A note was found durring the investigation

of these attacks in Madird that said that

'they' are now 90% ready for the attack

in the USA.

Also that a van was found containing

blasting caps used to set off explosives

and papers containing prayers and quotes

from the Qur-an in arabic were found.

So as I see it the UK is next.. then

the USA.

I'd say God save us from this but it

seems even God is either confused or

looking the other way now.

Or maybe Allah has won this round!


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No, my bet is on Itally to be next.

I'll try to give more info tommorow, caus it's getting late here (1:30 AM)...

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