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crystal sage

Happy Wanderer brings the Good News

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crystal sage

How cool would it be if all countries had a ' Gross National Happiness Commission' !!!

That it were a governmental policy to assist all people in creating happiness in their lives... Maslow's self actualization.. Free Life Coaches!!!

...that the government subsidized at least 4 weeks of vacation a year.




ARE you happy? That's the simple question the Government of Bhutan asked its people in a nationwide census. An incredible 97% said they were.

The Himalayan nation, a fifth the size of Victoria, prizes happiness above all else, in public policy as well as personal lives.

And Karma T****eem is the man from Bhutan with the plan to keep it that way. As secretary of the country's new Gross National Happiness Commission, he is developing indicators that will give a precise picture of the country's happiness, mental health and wellbeing.

Once presented to the Government and approved by the people, they will become the measuring sticks for future legislation and policy.

Mr T****eem is in Melbourne this week to pass on a few tips to the Victorian Government.

"I always say that being happy is one person's responsibility," he said "We are just trying to create the right conditions for people to be happy."

The commission started with a survey asking 300 questions about the lives of the Bhutanese. From the results, it is developing more than 30 indicators measuring health, education, government performance and corruption, compassion, cultural vibrancy and the environment.

"Happiness is too individual to try to measure to guide policymaking, but these indicators capture aspects of happiness which are important for people to lead a fulfilling life," Mr T****eem said. "Trust in government is important, leisure time is important. For psychological wellbeing to flourish, all the other domains are important."

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:nw: I know! This guy is so cooooool! I read about him in the paper recently as well :lol:

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