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Madrid Bombing, 9/11 Suspect Linked

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MADRID, Spain - One of the three Moroccans arrested in the Madrid train bombings is linked to a man jailed in Spain for allegedly helping plan the Sept. 11 attack in the United States, according to court documents reviewed by The Associated Press. It was the latest suggestion that Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist group may have been involved in the bombings.Full Article

Kinda what we expected, ne? sad.gif

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Kinda what we expected,

Exactly what I thought it would be, from

just seconds after the news of the

attacks was heard by me.

I have been preaching about a sieries

of attacks I believed to be on the horizon.

My very first post ever on this site

was on a premonition I had which has

yet to pass. and I am still hoping I am

wrong about.

I will go on record now as saying this

I believe there will be a series of attacks

in the UK London, in the USA New York

City and Washington DC.

In the aftermath of these future attacks

we will broaden the war in the middle

east to include regime change in Syria

then a major battle in Iran!

some years later if all continues as I

have seen it so far and believe I see

it ahead... the real mother of all attacks

will be on the day of June 9 2011.

If you can I dare you to find and read

my first post here ... title 2011!


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