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umm, Mentalcase. that forum suxxor quite badly. examples of questions under topics:

topic=Mercury, question="what is the average temperature on mercury?"

topic=Planets, question="how many planets are terrestrial and how many are jovian?"

topic=Asteroids, question="what is the largest asteroid called?"

i could go on, but i found every topic i looked at was much the same. pretty damn elementary stuff, and the page loads slowly :s9

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yeah i didnt look at it very long before posting it. :-\

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I must admit, the forum did give me a laugh though. Let me share that with you. One chap posted the following:

"Author: Chattan (

Date: 10-12-02 13:12


I looked up some old engineering notes on inertial proulsion.

Using a gyro run up to speed by an atomic motor, the top and bottom bearings are set in a bearing which is held central by hydraulics.

To get forward motion the gyro is moved slowly astern and abruptly ahead, coming to a sudden stop.

The momentum of the forward running side (this would be the left-hand side, relative to the centre line, if the gyro were running clockwise when viewed from above, overcomes inertia and moves the craft forward.

The hydraulic control allows for the repeated slow movement backward and abrupt movement forward coming to an abrubt stop at the centre.

The direction can be changed to any direction by controlling the hydraulics.

The aft and forward motion is very small as with a vibration, but the backwards movement is always slower than the forward motion allowing for forward accelleration.


The periferal edge of the gyro is set with permanent magnets in the top and bottom edges which run next to wound coils set above and below. This generation system is independent of the craft's electrical system, which comes from the atomic pile.

There are projectors under the craft which create huge floods of particles under it so that it can float on a cushion of particles.

As the running gyro is fairly "light" (neutral) (You can try weighing one which is stopped compared to weighing one which is running) the cushion of particles maintains and assists this neutral weight. (Weightlessness or anti-gravity.)

Again lift is produced by slowly moving the gyro downwards with the hyrdraulics and allowing it to move upwards abruptly, so you can overcome inertia in an upward direction. In this case the wound stator coils have to move up and down at the same time to maintain the air gap needed to prevent damage to them from the permanent magnets set into the upper and lower faces of the gyro.

I have seen two of these craft in use in a fly-past and they are very impressive BUT they do cost a LOT of money to manufacture.

The biggest problem is when you land on a planet which has a higher gravity than your craft is designed to overcome as you get marooned. Still it helps if you can 'phone home for a tow craft to come and get you.

It just takes a long time to get here from Zanussi."


What an absolute looney. Anyhow, Electro couldn't resist and posted in reply,

"Chattan in his posting states, "There are projectors under the craft which create huge floods of particles under it so that it can float on a cushion of particles." I ask what particles would these be? Are these magic particles capable of imbuing the user with special magic levitating abilities? Ha ha ha. lol. ;o)


I thought it was funny anyway. Now for my next trick............

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