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PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk

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I can't trust people who refuse to animal. I can trust people who prefer not to, but not people who refuse. sorry.

I hope you're not serious because that's just weird. How can you say you can't trust someone who lives their life according to their ethics and values? We are just normal people who want to minimize the amount of suffering we contribute to.

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Yes and soon we shall smite meat eaters with burning peppers and celery sticks. :lol::tu:

Keep in mind it is best to wait until the celery gets that rubbery texture so it has more of a wip-like quality to it. :tu:

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Mr. sasquatch
But what is so disgusting about humans drinking human milk?

I'm not getting the outrage.

Do you condemn mothers who are feeding their babies milk, or is the 'yuk' factor in that it is an adult drinking the milk?

I feel the same.

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