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Again, Be grateful.

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Does anything really matter anymore.

Even when you feel beat down and sad

The worst moments of your life

Even when your happy and joyful

The greatest days of time

Why do walk?

Why do you we have this subconcious need to keep going.

Even in our best

Even to our worst.

Instinct maybe?

People will always say humans, animals, and uh. fish? I cant remember the other classifictation.

People are animals to, only higher intelect.

Do we not have instincts?

To survive, keep going without motivation just because our bodies tell us to move.

We move.

Protecting your family or girlfriends, your wives. Animal instinct as well because of caring emotions. Love.

It always iritated me.

Why, even though we have more thought process, we are ignorant enough to say we are better then animals.


Are we?

Look at what we do.

we fight.

We kill.

Natural I know.

But these tall building in cities, the destruction of the mother nature which so helplessly gives us our supplies for our never ending greed.

How can some people go through life, I will never understand.

And not be grateful for what we have.

How God, Or whoever you worship gives us so generiously the things we need to survive.

To grow.

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