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Waking up with tiny cuts on my fingers

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8 hours ago, Cre8tvshop52 said:

I get them too. They are from dairy intake in my case. I recently developed a bunch of food allergies. I can’t eat wheat, dairy or soy without blisters or these paper cuts like wounds. Try to elimate dairy for three months and I mean really eliminate (eat or drink NONE) and then see if when dairy is reintroduced — if you get the paper cuts again. Hope this helps. 

Your microbiom collapsed and you can't no longer regulate your immune system. Artificial sweeteners and energy drinks are good for causing that along with too many antibacterial agents (quats) and antibiotics.

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On 10/5/2008 at 11:41 AM, NosmoKing said:

Samz ish, the cuts are never bloody. They basically look like paper cuts. They don't hurt. I just notice them after waking, and they're never there before I go to sleep at night.

Eight bits, my nails are really short, and I keep them filed with an emery board so the edges are smooth and rounded.

Once again, I assume there is a very normal reason for this. I have a cat, but it doesn't sleep in the room. And the cuts don't look like cat scratches. The cuts are very, very light; only a few mms long, and are straight.

Something your exposing your hands to is causing that. Some sort of dish soap or cleaner. 

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