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My True Ghost Story

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(( I put this in another post too, but ill put it in 2 places so more people can see it grin2.gif ))

I was either 10 or 11 at the time this had happened. I was at my grandma's house with my older cousing liz who was 13 at the time, my little sister who was um, about 8 or 7 or so, (shes 9 now), and my step sister Maddie who was 13 too. So we were all laying on my grandma's big guest bed in a room, it was so hot in there, like an oven! Well we were laying in it vertically (i think, the long way), Maddie was laying by the wall, my little sis was laying by her, then my cuz then me, (of course I get stuck by the edge. disgust.gif ) Well we all knew that there was a ghost in my grandma's house, we called him Ben, and well, when my cuz was little, she would 'talk' to him, kinda long to explain...but since i have all this room to type it, i will.

OK when my cuz was little she would lay on a little bed in my grandma's computer room. Liz would see a figure and she talked to it, and it talked to her...Then my older cuz Tasha came in and saw a figure, and it rushed out of the room as Tasha walked in. Tasha asked who Liz was talkin to and Liz said it was her new friend, Ben. So, back to the main story.

So there was a little space at the end of the bed, I was squished next to My cousin because I was scared of the edge, so I stretched out and my hand went where there was space left. And it was icy, icy cold, I freaked out and I told my cousin, I didn't move I was struck with fear. She looked at the spot of the bed and was all calm and said, "Yep, Ben's laying right there." I looked over and saw an outline of a human, laying right next to me, I was freaking out. I was scooting as close as i can get to Liz and was all, "Scoot over scoot over!!!" Then my grandma opened the door and Ben rushed out, the human outline that was next to me, was gone...and it wasn't icy cold anymore. I have another story about Ben at my grandma's house but, I'll tell it later, Hope you enjoyed my true ghost story!!!

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I've changed the title of this one linka_10. There's a whole forum for posting experiences with ghosts; it isn't necessary to have a separate thread devoted to it.

(( I put this in another post too, but ill put it in 2 places so more people can see it ))

That isn't necessary either. I've deleted your post in the Terrifying Experience thread; if you're going to post an experience as a new thread there's no need to post the same experience verbatim somewhere else at exactly the same time.

And welcome to the forum.

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