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'Dog fed man's genitals'

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POLICE fear a man found mutilated in his own home last week may have had his genitals fed to his beloved pet dog.

Cops said Stephen Prudhoe, 49, of Chester, was discovered on Wednesday with his genital area removed.

But they were not found at the scene and officers now believe they may have been eaten by Milo, the victim's Jack Russell terrier cross.

A post mortem showed Mr Prudhoe had died of a heart attack and was also suffering pneumonia, but Cheshire Constabulary have set up a murder investigation into what may have caused the death.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Marsden explained: "The forensic investigation indicates that a sharp bladed instrument was used to detach the whole genital area from the body.

"Forensic investigations are continuing at the scene and in relation to

Stephen's dog, which was in the house when we were called.

"We are keeping an open mind in relation to both how Stephen died and how the mutilation has occurred.

"We are looking for further information concerning Stephen's lifestyle and habits, to try and establish as full a picture as possible of his circle of friends and associates."


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Why do you always find these kinds of stories? crying.gif


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