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TAXPAYERS are bankrolling an invisible army of civil servants in Whitehall who have no jobs but still draw a salary.

Up to £1million a week is spent supporting the ghost jobs of more than 1,700 redundant workers who are placed in a Priority Talent Pool and keep getting paid until a plum new post comes up.

Despite Gordon Brown’s declaration of war on Whitehall waste the number of phantom employees has trebled in a year, pushing the total annual bill for taxpayers to £50million.

Full story :- http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/67916/...m-ghost-workers

Amongst friends I have who work for the M.O.D. its called 'gardening leave'

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Durn.. did not know that Britain was that advanced... they can recruit ghosts for the Army...

oops... it is not for the Army ... :w00t:

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