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Attempting to AP

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So I was attempting to do this one night. The first night I was in bed, very relaxed, when I started visualizing my bedroom, everything was going fine however once I would try to visualize myself in bed, I started getting very dizzy, and a sick feeling.

Once I stopped trying to see myself and focus on something else that feeling would go away, but as soon as I would put focus on me, I get that dizzy sick feeling agian. So I stopped.

A couple nights later I tried again. This time I wasn't planning on trying.

I was in bed when I was about to fall a sleep I got this weird feeling, kinda like that feeling you get when going down the drop on a roller coaster so I started with the visualizing again, this time I was able to visualize myself, then the image in my mind turned from a normal visualization, to, well, the only way I can describe it is like clay animation, though nothing looked like clay, just imagine if you were watching a cartoon, then it changed from normal animation, to more of a clay stop motion type animation, very very real and vivid. Sounds weird I know but it is the only way I can think of when trying to explain the differences of the way the image looked in my head.

As for what I saw was very strange. I still was seeing myself laying in bed from the view of the SE corner of my bedroom, however once the animation as I call it changed, the room got bright, with a reddish like color, then I can see a lot of entities (I guess is the only way to describe, they were solid figures with human like bodies as far as arms, legs, body, and head) in my room and right next to my bed. However there was someone, all I could see is the silhouette from the head, to about a little below the shoulders standing in my way blocking my view of the entire room, looked like the figure was tryin talking, though I could not see a face, it was just a shadow really, but the way it moved slightly gave me the impression it was talking.

This was not a dream, I was wide awake.

I was trying to look around the figure standing in front of me but I could not, it always moved into my line of sight. Then it just went away.

Anyone have any opinions as to what this all means?

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It looks to me that successfully astral projected. Good job! Those entites are probably Astral Junk or possibly Spirits. The head or form you saw that trying to speak was possibly an partial Thought Form - which someone may be thinking about or possibly who you were thinking about. It may have been Astral Doubles as well. Astral Doubles are a person's Astral Being. An Thought Form is a Astral on the Thought plane that hasn't really manifested into our physical world. However, if these astral forms aren't threatening you then by means these entites do not mean any harm. They could be just they want their presents known. So there is no worry to be afraid.

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