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astral projecting with someone next to you

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i had a question, but first let me give a briefing of my story. back in april-july i suddenly started experiencing AP by accident, i realized my bed was positioned with my head pointing north (which supposibly helps) but what really triggered it was my sleep pattern i started, i would wake up in the morning to my BF getting ready for work, so i would only wake up just enough to say goodbye and then fall back to sleep slowly, and i started trying to fight falling back to sleep because i wanted to start being productive and get up early too, but what ended up happening was i slipped into AP that way. it was very scary at first until i found out what was going on, Anyway since then my sleep pattern changed and i stopped haveing AP in the mornings, but there has been 2 times that ive accidently APed at night by fighting sleep, BOTH times doing it next to my sleeping BF. last night for example it happend, and what i do is i will try wakeing him up, i shook him spoke to him to no avail, i shook him while i was on top of him and its like he didnt feel it, i felt like a ghost trying to shake a person thats alive (thats the best way i can describe it) , the reason i was trying to wake him is because i couldnt snap out of AP, usually i have no problem willing myself back into my body but for some reason i kept trying but was haveing a very hard time, eventually i did snap into my body but i felt a weird tiredness from the struggle i had to get back in.... my question is has anyone else had this experience APing next to someone and trying to wake them up? was it similar to mine? the other time i APed next to my BF it was same situation about not being able to wake him, i think i even tried smacking him lol.... and what do you do if your having trouble snapping out of it

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