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Demons.Spirits good and bad

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What really makes it all go away?

Whether we think spirits good or bad or for you religious folk – demons...are real or not so real

Here is one thing I have come to observe through watching each documentary non stop...

1st we have the religious guy with a bible chanting for the spirit to leave in the name of god

Result – works....

Next we have the medium or psychic that forcefully gets it to leave or cross over

Result – works and many claim never to be seen or heard again

Then we have the family member that forcefully stand up confronts it and with a firm tone demands it to leave and shows no fear

Result – gone...hardly any reports saying anything else happened

Then the religious guy chanting things from the bible

Result – reported to have made matters worse

Family member – still showing fear but tries to take a stand for it to leave

Result – gets worse and keeps haunting

Medium – allows fear to control them but still tells it it cant stay

Result - comes back with a vengeance

So what can you notice from all of those above?

The people that used NO FEAR and where forceful seemed to gain a result

Those that held on to fear didn’t

So it got me thinking....what IF these spirits are just something we have manifested up ourselves? Or spirits that previous tenants manifested up? and showing NO FEAR and constantly telling it you aren’t afraid and it has to go....tells the spirit you aren’t worth haunting...nothing to feed off?

The religious guy is in the same boat...he/she is confident that they have a lord/saviour looking out for them that it allows them not to be filled with fear and so they too get a result

So it wouldn’t matter if you stood on a stack of bibles and had a big cross...if you still are not confident enough and you still show fear, then you wont get the result you want

FEAR IS NOT AN OPTION!!!...We also know that with confidence we can do almost anything we put our mind to

Personally I still can't get this whole demon thing...NOT because I haven't seen one... and I haven't...but because I feel if there are non human entites out there, I don't think they are demons, I think they could just be ailen that we just see as spirits..I dunno...I just think demons were made up by religious all those years ago...but I am not saying religious people are nuts for believing in them NO.....defo not!

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