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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Trouble

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JERUSALEM - Israel's chief prosecutor on Sunday officially recommended bringing charges against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a corruption scandal that could drive him from office.

The Justice Ministry said State Attorney Edna Arbel submitted a draft indictment to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who would have final say on whether to put the 76-year-old prime minister on trial.

A Justice Ministry source contacted by Reuters estimated it could take Mazuz, a career civil servant widely regarded as without any political agenda, up to two months to decide whether to indict Sharon.

After Israel's Channel Two television reported on Saturday that Arbel had prepared charges, Sharon came under pressure from within his cabinet to quit if Mazuz decided to act on her recommendations.

"Under such circumstances, the prime minister should resign," said Infrastructure Minister Yosef Paritzky of the Shinui party, Sharon's main partner in the governing coalition.

The case centers on payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars that an Israeli land developer and Likud stalwart made to Sharon's son Gilad, whom he hired in the late 1990s as an adviser on a never-completed project to build a Greek resort.

Sharon has denied any wrongdoing....

Full Report Link


The latest in the broadcast media is that

Sharon is about to resign!

He is sending messages out through

diplomatic channels.

Good riddens?


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