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Bizaare Dreams

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Recently I have started to write a dream journal in the hopes that I can improve communication with my subconscious and maybe get myself to lucid dream eventually. About a week or so ago I decided to start this, and since then I have remembered three dreams.

First Dream:

It is the day I am preparing to go back to college from some sort of break and I have some sort of assignment to create something. I decide I want to create a totem pole out of wood, which my parents do not approve of. Apparently it is starting to get late and I am packing up all of my stuff. Then my parents find out that I am doing this project last minute, and they get angry. I am terrified (of what, my dream journal does not say). Also I remember that my room is light blue (which is true in reality).

Second Dream:

I am on my church's youth group retreat, and I brought some of the people from my dorm along with me. At one point I am holding my friend's (he is tall and more solidly built) towel while he flashes everyone while he is in a bikini (I am sure you are just as confused as I am). Later on we need to fix our beds for the night, and we do this by plugging batteries into the beds. This one mexican looking guy, who somehow reminded me of Carlos Santana, took one of my dorm buddies smokes. The dream then switches from first person to third person, and I see the mexican heading back to my college. He starts messing around with this purple car that sort of reminds me of a DeLorean, and it has this weird machinery under the hood of the car. He starts coming back to where we were, and instead goes plummeting of a cliff into the river a couple miles down from Ally's trash dump (which I assume is a fictional place). (from here to the next dream this is in reality) I think he left goods in the car, but I am not sure. While I was lying in bed I wondered how the heck he died, and I think he got minced up.

Third Dream:

An undisclosed number of troops are staying in/near a tavern. There is this boy, who is the son of the captain of the soldiers and has a laptop. The captain hears that enemy troops are coming this way, so he orders everyone to move out on horses. The boy detects Russian troops on his wrist compass. Everyone has late 19th century weapons (post American Civil War). The Russians fire cannons and the boy goes missing. They search the records and it says that the boy is still packing. A man on a horse takes a briefcase from a soldier. The company is then badly hit by artillery that only the captain and a few others are left. They have their horses hop over trenches with spikes in them, and then break through the gates into their port/town that looks very asian (I specifically wote in my notes "asian?"). Many of the captain's people are killed, but the boy saves them all by sniping the entire Russian army.

The last two are really bizaare, to the point where I could not interpret them at all, so I was wondering what your interpretations are.

Also as a little creepy tidbit I decided to look up Carlos Santana after the second dream and found out that he is Mexican... O_O


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It is hard to recall details in a dream, so I imagine you write down what you recall right away upon awakening from the dream.

My interest is in dreams as entertainment, but under our control, so that you can choose the kinds of dreams you want to have before falling asleep.

If anyone can achieve that kind of a skill and can train others, he will be very useful and can earn a lot from that kind of a service, teaching people how to choose the kinds of dreams they want to have before falling asleep.

All talks about lucid dreams so far are talk but nothing of use in terms of really enabling people to choose what dreams they want to have before falling asleep -- wasting people's time who are after something really useful even just for entertainment.

Dreams as entertainment should be the most enjoyable and convenient and most economical and safe, if only we can achieve the capability of bringing them by pre-arrangement before falling asleep.


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I was walkingin a dasrk room ,i felt i was walking forlong hours there was silence all over..........a minute later the darkness filled silence was breaked by the sounds of birds.......i started walking strainght and the it came...........a room opened before me and snd white light flashed all over me..............and suddenly there was as flash of an axe directed at me......................and there i lay unconcius


Universal Legend

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Good luck with your journaling project. Psikillion.

Don't worry too much about "interpretation." Dreams are symbolic thought, and like waking thought, much of it is play - one image or narrative element "rubbing up against" another. I see that you are already making little notes about images or incidents that you recognize, or others that seem simply bizarre.

If you stay with it, I recommend that you schedule a re-read of your journal. For example, maybe six months from now, when you have accumulated a body of material, each morning's "dream work" might become first to write out last night's dream, but then second, to read the dream record from six months ago (or eventually, a year, five years... whatever).

Interesting that you should dream about Carlos Santana. He has been around a long time, and for good reason, IMO. Maybe that is a clue to "Ally's trash dump." Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant is about his avoiding the military draft because he disposed of trash at the town dump on Thanksgiving, when the dump was closed. It is of the same general vintage as early Santana, and I know at least one radio station that has a "Thanksgiving tradition" of playing AR each year.

Maybe not. But it was fun to write about it anyway :).

Dream well.

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