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philidelphia, phoenix and rainbow projects

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the document basically claims that the technology developed during the philidelphia experiment not only allowed them to travel through time but also use mind control on people. apparently during the phil expreriment they really didnt know what they were doing but by the 80's they refined the technology. the article also explains alien involvement in the project, alien agenda and new world order theories.

its all very far fetched but none the less an interesting read. be warned the document is very long, i think it took me 2 hours to read it.

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Well, I have to admit I didn't make it to the end. There are entirely too many assumptions building on assumptions. If the Philadelphia Experiment happened, If the technology was discovered, If the aliens wanted the world (let alone exists), etc...

It's certainly an explanation for how things might have happened, but hardly one that is backed up with any actual evidence. One might well substitute characters from Marvel Comics in place of the military, scientists, and aliens, and the story would be essentially unchanged.

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