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I don't believe in psi-balls for that reason.... but...

In a thread I recently posted about esoteric arts and chi gong, I posted an experience I had when I went to a dojo with a 95 year old master who showed me incredible things.

He did something called chi projection where he put his hands near mine and it began to tingle all the way up my arm after about 40 seconds or so.

This 95 year old man concentrated for a bit and then let me punch him as hard as I could in the stomach... Yeah I broke a couple of bones in my hand and he never moved. I put 220 lbs into that punch and this guy was like a 100-120lb brick wall.

His students and teachers showed me some pretty amazing feats of physical endurance and strength I can only describe as nearly super human in nature.

I would almost be willing to bet after sparring a bit to compare my boxing and kickboxing with a couple of them that anyone of these guys could dominate in MMA. They are so fast and their hits while not looking like much rock you internally... Yeah I got my *ss kicked I couldn't land a kick or punch at all and even with some equipment on the blows traveled through my body... The on I remember in particular was an open palm to the chest that made my chest feel like it was caving in. Never did it hard either.

I believe dragon ball used these types of martial arts as a basis for the show...

Unlike me where I was trained to use body weight and work on physique these 'old' school martial arts like Kung Fu and Tai Chi focus more on technique and mental states achieved through meditation and movements.

Aye, I've trained in martial arts since I was a child, and I've seen what you've seen. It's pretty cool to say the least. Those things are exactly why I'll never discount psychic ability as being false or true. Who knows what we're capable of? 100 years ago, we couldn't go to the moon.

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