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'Facebook gatecrashers' at Sweet 16 party

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Is it much more difficult than myspace ?

I'm on myspace which isn't to difficult for my feeble mind.

Go on myspace. Set your setting to the new homepage layout. you know, so everything is all colorful. Take that image of your edit profile page, and convert it to japanese. Now, take a jar of vasoline and smear it all over the monitor (you can cover your eyes for good measure too). Now with the vasoline there, try squinting, then hold down every key on the keyboard while clicking your right mouse button really fast.

I give you facebook. In all its horrid glory.

On a serious note, i used to love facebook. but they changed it when i had no computer for a few months back in 07. so now i dont know wtf im doing

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Bill Hill
Anyway i tend to think those spoiled little MTV sweet sixteen chicks deserve it. they all seem like anal self involved shallow f#ckwits.

True, that program is pure evil. :hmm:

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