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Jury Acquits Texas Mother Who Killed Sons


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TYLER, Texas - A housewife who said God told her to bash her sons' skulls with rocks was acquitted Saturday of capital murder and serious injury to a child after a jury determined she was legally insane during the killings.

A jury of eight men and four women deliberated for about seven hours before determining that Deanna Laney, 39, did not know right from wrong last Mother's Day weekend when she killed 8-year-old Joshua and 6-year-old Luke in the front yard and left Aaron, now 2, maimed in his crib.

Laney broke into tears as the verdict was read. Her husband, Keith Laney, sat emotionless. A few jurors cried and struggled to maintain their composure.


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So if she goes the secure hospital and convinces a few of the doctors of her sanity she will be relased to do it again?

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I remember this case when it first broke

this woman bashed her boys skulls in

with a rock while her husband was sleeping

and as I remember first hearing it she

called the police to report the crime

herself, saying that "god told me to do


The police arrived at the home to find

the horrific scene 2 boys outside dead

and a toddler inside near death and bleeding.

The husband asleep and the mother nowhere

to be found at that moment.

The father of the boys was then woke up

by the police and he said he really

believed it was all a nightmare and was

praying to wake up from it.

If this is true as I remember it and this

woman did call the police to report her

own crime is that not the same as claiming

her own guilt for the murders?

And the fact that she was hiding when

police arrived should show that she

knew right from wrong?

If all of this is true, and she is

not guilty by reason of insanity,

why not apply the same logic to all

Islamic terrorists who claim that Allah

told them to do it?

This whole case just makes me ill.

I can't seem to grasp the reality of a

mother killing her children.


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This story is so sad! I truly believe this woman is insane and she should be in a mental hospital. The only problem I have though is that she COULD (unlikely) become "cured" in the opinion of the doctors and not have to spend one single day in jail. Well - if she ever gets out of that hospital - why should she get to go free. I pray that day never comes for her.

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She and O.J. should start doing seminars. They could make some serious bank.

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