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4 Salvadorean soldiers, 14 Iraqis killed &

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NAJAF, Iraq (AP) Gunmen opened fire on the Spanish garrison in the holy city of Najaf on Sunday during a huge demonstration by followers of an anti-American Shiite Muslim cleric. Four Salvadorean soldiers and at least 14 Iraqis died, and more than 130 people were wounded.

Two U.S. Marines died in violence in Anbar province, bringing to 600 the number of Americans killed in the war. Anbar is an enormous stretch of land reaching to the Jordanian and Syrian borders west of Baghdad that includes Fallujah, a city where four American civilians were slain on Wednesday.

North of the capital, a bomb killed three members of the Iraqi security forces. And in Kirkuk, also in the north, a car bomb exploded, killing three civilians and wounding two others, police said.

Later in Baghdad gunfire was heard in the center of the capital during a similar protest called by backers of the charismatic young cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr. There was no immediate word on casualties.

In Najaf, the shooting broke out after thousands of al-Sadr supporters gathered outside the Spanish garrison. A spokesman for the Spanish headquarters in nearby Diwaniyah, Commander Carlos Herradon, said attackers opened fire about noon.

The Spanish and Salvadorean soldiers fired back, and assailants later regrouped in three clusters outside the base. Shooting continued into the afternoon, he said.

Along with the four soldiers killed, nine Salvadorean soldiers were wounded, the Spanish defense ministry said in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

The Salvadorans are under Spanish command as part of an international brigade that includes troops from Central America. No Spaniards were injured.

Spain has 1,300 troops stationed in Iraq, and the Central American contingent is of a similar size. Multiple train bombings in Madrid last month killed 191 people and have been blamed on al-Qaida linked terrorists who said they were punishing Spain for its alliance with the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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And I wonder if those terrorists who bombed the trains in Spain tried to separate the"good" Spaniards from the "bad" Spaniards.

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Posted (edited)

What a world.

Fox News on cable is reporting that within

the last hour 7 US soldiers killed and

as many as 20 hurt some serious.

In fighting in the same Iraqi region.

You can add them to the day's body

count as well

Commanders on the ground say that the

protests are growing and according

to Fox News "things are getting worse"



Edit: Adding information

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Seven U.S. soldiers were killed Sunday in fighting with Shiite militiamen in the Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City, the U.S. military said. At least 24 other American troops were wounded, the military said in a written statement..

Full Report Link: From

What this report will not tell you is that

this fight was in a 'slum' area of

Baghdad, and what sparked the protest

which lead to this fight was the closing

of an Islamic Anti-American news paper.

Things are "getting worse by the moment

all over Iraq" says one reporter from

Fox News Baghdad.

And remember we are set to hand over

control of this country to the Iraqis

in June.


Edited by Gazz

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Shiite militiamen... WTF...

Maybe Saddam has put the plan way in advance. He let the coalition to capture him and entered Baghdad. He also instructed the army not to fight the right away, but wait and catch the coalition force unprepared... and finally with the help of his strong secret police network, the Iraqis are going to demand the return of Saddam Hussein... blink.gif

Or maybe Osama did it all. He sent the fake WMD threat to Washington, and put US attention into a war in Iraq. That way he managed to drain US resources, destroy US reputation in the international world, and topple the secular leader Saddam Hussein, giving a chance for the fundamentalists to hold power in Iraq. blink.gif

Or maybe Bush did it... faking the incidents as a reason to stay longer in Iraq... blink.gif

Or maybe I did it... creating conspiracy theories above to divert your attention devil.gif

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