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Terrorist support surges in Europe


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Let me the bold text where it is supposed to go in order to properly demonstrate my "if"

If a baby is born in a place where 99% of kids grow up to be terrorists then I would say to drop a sterilization bomb on that part of the world."[/b]

The "if" is referring to a hypothetical place where 99% of the babies grow up to hate another country so much that they are terrorists in everything but action.

So this isn't about whats happening in Israel and Gaza? seems to be your fav topic. If I'm wrong I apologize.

edit: just want to add, I thought you might have been making a reference to the Palestinians that have a corrupt government called Hamas.

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There is no such place. Gaza surely isn't a place where the majority want to be terrorists.

But it is a place where the majority want to be led by terrorists.

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