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'White lady' sparks ghost hunts in Ireland

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Image credit: DerrickT
Image credit: DerrickT
Claims of a ghostly woman haunting a remote spot in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, has prompted hundreds of spirit hunters to descend on the area. Cars have been lined up nose to tail every night for the past three weeks as news of the vision on the Mullaghmoyle Road, near Coalisland, has spread.

Armed with video recorders and digital cameras, ghost-hunters have queued up to get a glimpse of the "white lady", who is described as elderly with a sad expression. Some have come as far as Belfast and Enniskillen in the hope of seeing the ghost.

Although some have dismissed the sighting as a trick of nature, the phenomenon has roused the interest of paranormal groups. Raymond Bell, who owns a pub nearby in Brackaville, said his 17-year-old son Ryan had not believed in ghosts until he saw the "woman" several times.

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: The Telegraph

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