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Canadian Economy over Technological Advancements

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This was read by my father either in Newsweek, McClain's, or Times Magazine (he obviously forgot rolleyes.gif )

The article he read spoke about various students across Canada who engaged in a competition of technological advancements (Not sure of actual competition, could not find article on

One Canadian student, from Manitoba (Hell yea, my hometown w00t.gif ) created an energy producing invention that could revolutionize mankind. This Canadian Student's invention was ranked first.

He invented this new form of energy producing machine that consisted of air compressors, which was marketed at $100 000.00. However, if the energy produced by this machine was sold it would generate a lot of money.

A Second Canadian Student of Ontario, created a new hybrid engine that with a by-product of 90% pollution-free (not sure of the exact calculations disgust.gif). This engine was both fueled by gas and electricity.


Wouldn't you think Canadians would change existing engines of vehicles to inlcude this new hybrid engine that would help reduce smog in areas such as Toronto, Ontario?

But NO, Canadian economists did not want to use this engine because it would endanger the Canadian economy and Alberta would suffer a decrease consumption of their oils and thus earn less money on a small amount of time.

Cars would consume less gas, meaning less gas sales and a loss of "well-earned" money.

Canadian economists prefer using engines that produce unnecessary amounts of pollution. Let's keep using up our gas, since these money-grabbing economists must think oil is a renewable source of energy.

Money really is the root of all evil. mad.gif


If someone has seen this article, please post it, with proper credits. thumbsup.gif

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