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9/11 - What is true about it?

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I think that the anti-christ (george w bush) set up 9/11 to profit from insurance policies with some tycoons he knew that owned the building.

And a few people he may have wanted to dissipate probably happened to be in the building at the time?.

Or maybe the Bush Administration wanted evidence in the building against their corruption distroyed?.

Or maybe Bush struck a deal with the militants and gained something from giving them clearance to hijack planes, maybe oil?.

My opinion is that the government is covering up (like they always do) 9/11. There is good evidence that the planes did not cause the building to crumble. There was a bomb in the bottom of the buildings and when they found materials from a bomb, they refused to talk about it. Plus, when you watch how the buildings fell, two planes in the top wouldnt have made it fall the way it did.

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I believe that George W bush was a good man, but the Republicans missed the chance to go TAKE DOWN Osma bin Lindined. When they had the chance to do, so when their wear reports of active. They were to preordained by the Sex scandal of the president.

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