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Two US Soldiers Missing In Iraq

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Two U.S. soldiers and an unknown number of civilian contractors are unaccounted for after a fuel convoy was attacked Friday near Baghdad International Airport, a senior Pentagon official said.

Another 13th Corps Support Command soldier and an Iraqi driver were killed in the incident, and 12 people were wounded.

The contractors' nationality was not immediately known.

The official said "unaccounted for" means that U.S. troops are looking for the soldiers and contractors. The senior Pentagon official said a search is under way.

The four-truck convoy was hit with small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades and exploded into flames, the official said.

Meanwhile Friday, in the Sunni stronghold of Fallujah, where the insurgency has been most fierce, the U.S.-led coalition halted its offensive to allow Iraqis to bury the dead and aid supplies to be brought in.

Iraqi Governing Council members also met with Fallujah leaders and leadership of the anticoalition forces to try to bring calm.

U.S. Marines were allowing only women and children to leave the city, while allowing humanitarian supplies, such as food and medical supplies, to enter.

But even as the offensive was paused, sporadic fighting continued that left at least one Marine dead.

Los Angeles Times reporter Tony Perry told CNN he saw insurgents attack a Red Crescent aid convoy.

Another time, the 1st Marine Division said at least 16 insurgents opened fire on Marines and retreated to a cave.

An AC-130 gunship was called in to attack the cave, and two 500-pound, laser-guided bombs were dropped on it.

"We will fight the enemy on our terms. May God help them when we're done with them," said Maj. Gen. James Mattis, the commanding general of the 1st Marine Division......

Full Report Link: From CNN.com


Add this to a week that has so far claimed

the lives of over 45 US troops and an

untold number of Iraqis.

What a world.


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it would beinteresting to find out howmany ofthe iraqis were opposing militia as opposed to civilian casualties, by lumping iraqi casualties together we get a twisted picture

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