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can a psychic tell who else is psychic

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I was going to say no to this. I have a wide range of "psychic abilities" quite random, inconsistent, but absolute and verifiable.They are most strong in clair audience/ clair voyance acording to tests, but all seem to involve being able to basically read anothers mind or know details about things/places through sense/knowing rather than a physical sense like sight.

Anyway. I test a lot of people and a suprising number have some ability. Yet i have never recognised nor been able to predict who they would be out of the groups i test.

Then i thought a bit more about it. Many of the people i read /sense or otherwise interact with physically, obviously do have some ability them selves. This often comes out in later discussion

eg "how come you were wearing those phantom pjs last night?"

"How did you know I was wearing them?

"Oh i astral travelled to your bedroom and just happened to see you wearing them"

Now when the secnd person doesnt start screaming abuseor runs away, but simply says "Oh Ok yea that would explain it" you often go on to find they accepted this because they had similar expereinces. Thus you find that you both have similar abilities.

LAst it occured to me that some people just look psychic.(There is a sense of disconnection from the physical world about them) I often find in discussons that this is indeed so, but sometimes they are just ancient hippies, still tripped out from reality.

Its a fascinating question. I think the answers will be as diverse as the people and "powers" which inhabit this intriguing "alternate reality"

Not everyone can sense this about people. The lines blur between a magic user(pagan), a psychic(psion). A person who uses magic, may not be a psion. A true psion can do some things the pagan does, but not all. A pagan can do some things a psion can do, but not all. A true psion, the one who is purely psychic, will sense others like themselves. It's like fish that congregate into schools. They don't know why they do it, they are pulled there through senses. The stronger a pure psion, the clearer they can see other psychics. That's my experience, though others certainly have other thoughts on it. Hopefully this helps. :)

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