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My first s. story...

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...But true!!!





There was a time when I would go to my home class in 1st grade and as soon as I would enter I would grab my teacher’s ass. It felt good and for some reason I liked it. Maybe it was the starting of a something that I would never get out of. (which I never did)

But, Mrs. Weiser was the coolest teacher. She would even help me go to the restroom and hold it for me. She would shake too as a matter of fact. I always had a problem as a child in that class. I could never take a p*** by myself. Mrs. Weiser had to help me or some other teacher. Then one day Mrs. Weiser was not there for class. I had to pee and I went to the teacher and asked…"Can you take me to go pee, Please..???" and she looked at me like I was some kind of degraded worthless piece of ****.

"NO, YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO GO BY YOURSELF, SO GO AND HURRY BACK!!!!!" I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. So I went to the restroom. All by myself. It was a big urinal. One of the oblong ones. From one wall to the other one. I wasn’t alone. There was another kid in there with me. His name was Hubert. He talked like a baby. They called him…..well….Baby. I pulled down my pants and got ready to let it loose. All of the sudden, Hubert had to **** it up.

"Hey what are ya’ll dong in your class room?" asked Hubert. I got confused and was holding my ****, so at the same time he asked the question, I answered by turning… whole body!! I turned and ended up peeing all over Hubert. He started crying and ran to his teacher’s classroom. I had to pick up my own pants and was embarrassed even more about what had happened.

They boy was in 3rd grade. It made him look bad. They would call him names cause of what I had done to him. I had peed all over him.

Years went by and I ended up getting a house and a woman and eventually married. Strangely enough we ended up living next to Hubert. And for some reason whenever he watered the lawn…..he would get scared when the sprinkler would approach him…….


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