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Clairvoyance test

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eight bits

Welcome aboard.

I took a look at that test site. It doesn't offer any statistical guidance. There are other "ESP tests" online which do, in a variety of formats. It is probably best to sacrifice a goat to Google, and go shopping among what comes up, to find something that is set up the way that suits you best personally.

Quick and dirty, including a lot of assumptions that I am unsure are satisfied by that particular test and the circumstances under which you recorded your results: 18 hits out of 60 (30%) for a one-in-five (20%) task is more-or-less the minimum serious "statistically significant" performance, the famous 5% probability of it happening "by chance."

The general interpretation of that level of significance is that you have some basis for further testing. And by the way, "around" and "close to" don't satisfy some of the assumptions that are needed for the calculation of significance to have validity. Neither does my own "more-or-less" nor "quick and dirty." It is a "brittle" calculation (small differences in the input make big differences in the interpretation).

Hope that helps.

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