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Pluto much warmer than thought


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Image credit: NASA
Image credit: NASA
Using the VLA (Very Large Array) telescope in Chile, astronomers have been able to measure the chemical composition of Pluto's atmosphere, revealing that the dwarf planet is much warmer than previously thought.

"Pluto, the runt of the solar system, is still a mystery to astronomers in many ways. But thanks to a new study of the dwarf planet's atmosphere, this misunderstood place is a little more known to us now. Using the European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Very Large Telescope in Chile, researchers made the first ever quantitative measurement of the chemical composition of the atmosphere around Pluto. The study revealed that the dwarf planet's air is warmer, and contains more methane, than previously thought."

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | linked-imageSource: Space.com
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The air is a frigid -292 degrees Fahrenheit

time to break out the shorts ! as we say in Michigan when it hits 30.

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