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Alleged Bin Laden Tape Offers Truce To Europe


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It is the hypocricy of Iraq that really sticks in the back of my throat.

We invade under the guise that this is all part of the War on Terrorism, and what do we create? We create a country on the brink of civil war, filling up with 'terrorists' who have come to fight against the new crusade and find ourselves bogged down in what is beginning to appear a no-win situation.

Instead of rallying popular opinion against the Islamic Fundamentalists, we instead turn even more people against us.

Meanwhile, the pro-Bush camp ignores the mess their prez and our Tony have created, arguing that, unless we invaded Iraq, the US would have been attacked again.

I think that we have made an attack on the US and UK more likely by our actions, not less.

Every week, more and more servicemen and women are dying, more and more civilians and Policemen are being killed and the pro-war resonse? They b**** about the media only showing the negatives and not concentrating on schools being opened.

What the hell use are schools, when the schoolkids are being blown to pieces on their way there, as they were on Wednesday?

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