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Technology opens promise, perils of


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Technology opens promise, perils of ocean mining

BOSTON – There's gold in that thar sea floor. Silver, copper, zinc and lead, too. The problem is, it's a mile or two underwater and encased in massive mineral deposits that layer a dark, mysterious world. But new technology and worldwide demand have combined to make mining for these metals economically feasible for the first time.

A breakthrough project is moving forward in New Guinea, and new rules to govern deep ocean mining will be set by an international authority this spring.

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This can not be good, First man has eaten away the earth on top and now they want to start in the deep oceans, Cant imagine what the future of earth will be in the next few generations,

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I don't like this idea either, I really don't.

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Definitely a Bad idea, mining already destroyed a large portion of our precious land, now they will destroy our ocean!!!

Just leave it alone!!! I want the Earth to be a good place to live in the future, not a wasteland!!!

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