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Odd childhood memories you have...

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I remember as a kid I'd often hallucinate but I think this was only at night and after I awoke (e.g. going to bathroom). I only remember 1 event but I remember my thought process of 'this keeps happening' and 'its not real don't be afraid'. Basically i woke up to take a leak and I saw a small cat like creature made of light, I think it was purplish/blueish. I just walked past it. This phenomenon past relatively quickly and never happened again.

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Carlos Allende

Innit. I wondered whether to post my article here or in the true stories section...


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I don't remember if I ever shared this here or not. But if so oh well....I was really young, like maybe 4. My mom, grandfather and grandmother and I all went to Kentucky to visit my great Grandmother. We slept in a room with 2 large beds. Grandparents in one, near a window and mother and I in the far other. I couldn't sleep as I always had a hard time doing back then. I remember vividly seeing several, small white lights outside the window that rotated around in a perfect circle and within 3 feet of the window. I was too young to understand what I was looking at. I remember asking my grandfather about it later on and he said it was "probably chickens" which baffled me as much.

As proven, our memories are very fallible but all of the ones I've recalled to my mom or grandma over the years shows that they remember the same thing so I don't distrust mine too much but I think the most likely cause could have been a reflection of several car lights bouncing off of an adjacent window from the road. So headlights from a couple of cars or maybe even just 1, hits the window that faces the road to which then reflects on the surface of the window that is perpendicular to that one and gives it a circular moving appearance.

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When I was 7 years old I saw a person in the garden who looked like this:




I saw him again when I was in the kitchen and he went passed the window.  About a week later I was helping my dad raking the leaves in the garden and I saw him again at the corner of my eye standing at the far corner of the garden.  There was also a large pile of dead leaves at the back of the garden between our hedge and next door's.  It reminded me too much of the leaf lady from Fraggle Rock.  




So I stayed away from the garden after that until we finally moved house 3 years later.  I also avoided looking out of my sister's bedroom window because it overlooked the garden.  The black figure resembled the alien from Star Trek, so I just assumed many years later that I must have watched part of that episode and I was imagining the black figure was in the garden.  Child's imagination and all that.  Although I remember my heart was racing and the hairs on the back of my neck were tingling at the time.  I guess the mind can play tricks even on a child of 7.



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