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Odd childhood memories you have...

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No..I experimented quite a bit in college and am quite aware of the affected of just about all drugs and at that age had never had anything intoxacating was without a doubt 100% sober..and no it's not a dream I remembered as reality I immediately told my parents not 30 seconds after the event occurred and they remember me doing so clearly..and I just asked my father to tell the story second person back to me as you remember me telling you and he corroborated what I remember and wrote here just about %100 in accordance with my recollection. And the partial loss of the ideditic memory was because of a sever back of the head concussion I had in 2011...it took me 2 months before I could tie me shoes..I had to relearn to read it took me 5-6 months and previously had been able to speed read about 5-6 seconds a page..it was 7 months before I could drive ..I still have it..my memory just went from high def digital video to old sepiatone 8mm film..lol...like i said I'm very much a man of science and know it would take an extreme paranormal event to even entertain the idea of the laws of physics being broken...but I am 100% sure the story is 100% accurate as I remember it and I'm remembering it about 99.5% accurately...unexplaineable is all I've ever been a able to come up with..thx for the response

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