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Did deforestation destroy the Maya ?

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A new theory proposed as a result of research conducted via satellite has suggested that the Maya could have been devastated by the culling of trees in their region which may have lowered rainfall by up to to 30 percent.

"What destroyed the ancient Mayan civilization that built sophisticated calendars and ruled the Yucatan peninsula for millennia? The answer may be as simple as they cut down the trees. That's the theory from new scientific research developed in large part through University of Alabama in Huntsville satellite analysis technology, Vice President for Research Dr. John Horack says. "

arrow3.gifView: Full Article | arrow3.gifSource: Huntsville Times

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Interesting theory, UM-Bot, thanks for the link.

Have to say though I'm disappointed by the wording of some media articles relating to the Maya; a lot of them giving the impression that the Mayan people were completely destroyed.

As Wikipedia correctly states.....

"The Maya peoples never disappeared, neither at the time of the Classic period decline nor with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores and the subsequent Spanish colonization of the Americas. Today, the Maya and their descendants form sizable populations throughout the Maya area and maintain a distinctive set of traditions and beliefs that are the result of the merger of pre-Columbian and post-Conquest ideologies (and structured by the almost total adoption of Roman Catholicism). Many Mayan languages continue to be spoken as primary languages today; the Rabinal Achí, a play written in the Achi' language, was declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005."

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