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Dr. D

100,000 Britons want to de-baptize themselves

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Well, someone's making money at $4.35 a pop. Unfortunately, the paper is worth nothing. Baptism is a character sacrament, it brands you. Whether you pay for an ad in the paper denouncing your baptism, or pay $4.35 for a form letter, the Church will always consider you baptized.

But it would still be meaningless.......regardles if the church cares to brand you baptized

For how you chose to lead your life is what matters....not the fact you have been as you like to put it - branded...or baptized.........it never makes a difference....it is meaningless to us all

If you believe god judges you on how you lead yourl life, then being baptized ..will not be of any real meaning......just in the same way, this de-baptizing is...meaningless.......IMO it seems so........

Most of us chose our own spiritual path later on in life....the ball lays in our court

well thats my thoughts and how I see it

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That's a lot of loot, folks. :tu:

Wish I had thought of that idea first. Legal and above-board, :)


Agreed! Compared to a tithing it is one hell of a deal, too!

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Isnt being baptized done to wash away original sin? Original sin being the eating of the apple form the tree of knowledge. So if there is no god then no harm no foul you were just splashed with some water, however if it is all true then atleast your cleaned of that orginal sin, or am I way off. Im dont know because I dont do much research into relegion, but I do like to ask questions about it.

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