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[Solved] Alien Embryo


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I just registered, AGAIN!, I keep forgetting my digits, hahaha! And guess what? I'm an Alien Embryo, apparently, and that bothers me, lol.

I wonder what you call the other groups? *smiles wickedly*

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What is the name of your other account?

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Oh yes that's one of them. There should be 2 more different usernames, I can't remember what I used then. But I'm not them anymore so it doesn't matter and I'll keep what I have now. Thanks for taking time to find them. :)

How many posts do I have to make to get rid of Alien Embryo? LOL.

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Q. What are the current 'post count' rank titles ?

Like most forums, we maintain a system of member 'rank', which changes your forum title depending on the number of posts that you've made. The posts required for each rank title are as follows :

* 0 : Alien Embryo - 1 star

* 125 : Ectoplasmic Residue - 1 star

* 250 : Apparition - 2 stars

* 375 : Extraterrestrial Entity - 3 stars

* 500 : Remote Viewer - 4 stars

* 625 : Astral Projection - 5 stars

* 750 : Paranormal Investigator - 6 stars

* 875 : Conspiracy Theorist - 7 stars

* 1000 : Psychic spy - 8 stars

* 2125 : Poltergeist - 1 blue star

* 3250 : Government agent - 2 blue stars

* 4375 : Alien abductor - 3 blue stars

* 5500 : Majestic 12 Operative - 4 blue stars

* 6625 : Telekinetic - 5 blue stars

* 7750 : Non-corporeal being - 6 blue stars

* 8875 : Omnipotent Entity - 7 blue stars

* 10000 : Forum divinity - 8 blue stars

* 10000+ : TBA

linked-image Superman linked-image

Unexplained Mysteries Moderator

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Hello sweetie i see you have made your way back to UM, Keep posting love it wont take you long to lose that rank..rofl.....

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You can change that Alien Embryo to something else hun in your control panel.

My Controls

Edit profile


edit your Custom member title

<~~~ See mine is Princess of Power


Edited by She-ra
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Thank you, Superman for providing the info. I must say the ranks make me laugh, lol. (In a good way, of course).

Isis, I'm working on it, love. And trying not to get in trouble at the same time, hahaha!

Shera, yea I saw Superman's reply to your post, hun. Gotta need a lot of time for me to reach a thousand, can't be late for work now... damn! LOL.

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

That's your old account closed now, let us know if you have any other questions, thanks. :tu:

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