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Foiled chemical attack in Jordan


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Jordan foiled a chemical attack linked to Al-Qaeda against the intelligence services HQ with trucks loaded with 20 tons of explosives that could have killed 80,000 people, security officials said Monday.

Members of the network were arrested and the others killed, they said on state television, which showed pictures of the men on trial and whose arrests were announced earlier this month and confessions on the planned attack.

Jordan's King Abdullah II said on April 13 that the security services had dismantled a "terror network", thwarting plans by the group to commit "a crime never before seen in the kingdom" which would have killed thousands.

The television broadcast pictures of "chemicals that terrorists from Al-Qaeda were trying to make explosives with" as well as "trucks that terrorists planned to load with 20 tons of chemical explosives in a suicide attack against the General Intelligence Department".

"This operation, which would have been the largest in the history of the kingdom in terms of its volume and number of victims, would have killed 80,000 Jordanian citizens," the report said.

Six members of the network were arrested and four others killed in a series of raids, the last of which took place April 20, security officials said.

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so guys, what do we propose be done about these so called terrorists?

i guess we should just blame america:)

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