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North Korea conducts nuclear test

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No offense KRS-One... but... a quick search of your posts show you constantly belittle and name call other posters, myself included.

When you don't agree with somebody in real life do you put them down immediately for their opinion?

I doubt it.. so why do that here? At the end of the day or session I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better.

It must be a nasty feeling inside to carry strong feelings of resentment towards other people's opinions.

Anyhow, I hope you are having a good day regardless.

No offense taken, acidhead.

I never asserted that he himself was a moron. Only that his view on this particular topic flew in the face of established logic and all possible sense. It was not meant as an insult, but rather a call to re-examine his position, which is quite apparent that it was drawn on no actual facts.

Do you feel that people should continue to hold opinions or make decrees with no evidence or logic to support them, and that we should pat them on the back, congratulating them for their ludicrous pronouncements?

DONTEATUS, if I have offended you personally, I apologize. What you said was entirely wrong, and your posting history, much as mine shows a tendency to be harsh, shows a tendency for comments not grounded in reality.

Also, acid, if you have comments about my posting in the future, go ahead and shoot me an IM, rather than throwing a thread off topic. Leave the moderating to the mods and come talk to me without distracting other readers. Thanks!

Edited by KRS-One

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Do you people really want a war between the North and South?


No we just want a WAR!!!! yeah baby!! (China vs America)

Edited by jesspy

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No we just want a WAR!!!! yeah baby!! (China vs America)

LOL! I hope they won't fight and instead just commit suicide (but they have to call Russia and India into the club first). When this happens, North and South Koreas would embrace each other.

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