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Pigman Road


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hey dudes hows it going? i actually live in WNY and am headed out there tonight to check this **** out. i'll let you all know what experince me and a couple friends have tonight.

Take pictures! I wanna see what this place is like!!

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nice story wheather if true or not i don't care i just enjoyed it

thanks for sharing it

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sorry was too dark pictures didnt show up. but we got out walked through it down road and back. friends were yelling we climbed up it and onto tracks walked around and sat there. nothings there its lame nothing happens not even a noise. all you will find is graffiti and a lot of beer cases. probbaly drunks hallucinating. plus the road is like brand new pavement smoothest road i have ever driven down which kills any spook to it at all. 'the stories were interesting but nothing happend to 6 of us so id say find somewhere new to check out. or ideas for us were looking to explore

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Then you should go check out the road for us then!

I mean, since you don't believe it...what's the risk?

i assume this is in the USA?

well im in britain so no, no im not going to travel to the other side of the world just to see something which most likely doesnt exist


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Might want to check out: angolapigman.weebly.com

Has a pdf file that explains the history of the legend as well as what one might expect to have happen with a "pigman experience"

Also has a comment section to add your experience should anyone actually have one to share.

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