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Country with diverse&dominant religions?

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America isn't one of them. Actually, few nations in the world are like that.

My home country is just like that, actually. It's kinda like 25% christians, 25% Buddhists, 25% etc and 25% non-religious. Well, that's something. Before 20th century, Korea was heavily dominated by a secular philosophy that stresses on ethics, filial piety, and rigid code of manners. Buddhism was somewhat prosecuted, and many illiterate people relied on shamans, which modern Koreans still do. Because Korean youths are exposed to diverse religions, they are becoming more and more skeptical to religion itself. And not surprisingly, they look down on Americans for being overly religious.

Christianity, especially Protestantism has had a bad rap for decades. It's sucking up 10% of gross income from pious Christians, and it causes a massive stress on many households. Non-Christians avoid marrying Christian women because of most Korean Protestants pay tithe. Tithe is a huge part of christian life in Korea, and even come Catholic priests, who are leaning toward fundamentalist side of Catholicism, also emphasize tithe. Actually, tithe is the main reason why many people become apostates and even become anti-christian.

I am not sure about America, but anti-Christian sentiment is becoming more prominent in my home country. Good for them. At least they have secular code of moral value without religions, unlike westerners.

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