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is anybody willing to do a prediction for me? im just curious to see if i can find any psychics willing to give me a reading. if there is a psychic that is willing to give me one free reading just message me.

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White Crane Feather

Good point, and the unfortunate reality is that there is none at this time. Thus the hypothesis that such do not exist.

In that case, we just have to have faith (not the stigma-ladden version) in what we experienced and proceed from there.

Wanting to prove it to another is all fine and dandy, but if it can't be proved and no one else understands it, then what's the point in exposing ourselves to ridicule and scorn from others who cannot themselves give any better answer than we?

There is none.

It's best to seek your own answers in as objective a manner as possible and keep an eye out for someone who actually has the experience/knowledge to assist and NOT others who like to portray themselves as experts on the topic when they're not. You wouldn't tell a nuclear physicist how to do their job or conduct their research (I'm assuming you're not one), so you shouldn't allow someone who isn't part and parcel to the area of knowledge you seek to tell you the same; especially if they're in the same know (or not know in this case) as you are.

Now, if it's a matter of civil discussion and theorizing, then by all means, have at. Just remember the "civil" part, which typically implies leaving one's dignity and continued aspirations for understanding intact and unmolested, and can often require a willful release of ego and pride in order to facilitate civility.

Until we can find proof ourselves, or meet someone who does know something about our experience, meaning another who has been there done that AND has the intellectual capacity and working knowledge base to pursue and solve such things, then we're on our own and/or with others who can share our experiences. Anyone else will either respond with genuine objective, open-minded interest, or with fear. Their fear will have one of two manifestations : fight or flight. So you'll either be called weird/crazy/blah, blah, blah and they'll evade & ignore you, or you'll be attacked in some fashion; in the internet version this manifests as blunt, pointless criticism, or outright verbal insult. Which then requires a choice of fight or flight from ourselves. Fight on the internet is pointless. Easier to flight via the ignore method if there must be any at all.

Best bet? Be careful who you share you're experiences with if you're looking for support and/or are sensitive.

Otherwise expect to get your feelings, dignity, integrity, mental ability, and all other manner of personal traits insulted & questioned, along with the actual logical part of suggestions to expose yourself in a professional environment...which is the only really constructive and rational response you can expect.

This is good advice. I tend to involve myself in debate as a form of training, and if your sensative watch out. It's funny that most of the cynics out there are Also sensative, and when you mirror their attitude they can't handle it. Especially when you show them they are as guilty at beleif as you are and probably more guilty of dogma. Some however do have real integrity, and those of us that have real experiences ( as oposed to atention seeking, or whyever else frauds do what they do) can learn from these rare few. Not that beleifs change, but critically analyzing these things and not getting caught up in the ideas of gurus and new age dogma.

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Universal Whisperer

The problem with proving psychic abilities or anything else that can't be placed in a lab under the control of scientists & reliably repeatedly reproduced under human-controlled laboratory conditions is that such things are beyond the scientist's ability to control them. Everything that is scientifically definitely proven involves scientists being capable of controlling & manipulating everything involved in the testing something must go through to be proven or disproven.

When it comes to things that are outside of man's ability to control & manipulate them and/or the necessary conditions required for proving/disproving them, science flounders. Even some physical things that science supposedly has proven, science ends up having to backtrack and change them. Remember it hasn't been that long ago when scientists discovered a 10th planet, then later decided no it was just an asteroid. Scientists still aren't totally sure if Pluto is a planet or an asteroid.

Take the coelecanth for example. It's just one of many species that science claimed was extinct for millions of years & then was rediscovered alive.

Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae.Coelacanth (Latimeria), a member of a clade (Coelacanthimorpha) thought to have gone extinct 80 million years ago; found in 1938.

Monoplacophora, a class of molluscs believed to have gone extinct in the middle Devonian Period (c. 380 million years ago) until living members were discovered in deep water off Costa Rica in 1952.

At the links below you can see many more species that were extinct according to science, until being rediscovered alive forced scientists to revise their thinking. The list of species presumed extinct by science & later rediscovered alive, is HUGE & stands as a very clear testimonial to the fact that even when science believes something is a proven fact, nature has a way of frequently reminding man that man has very little control over anything at all in the natural world.



Science itself changes as new technology opens new doors of discovery to the scientists. The microscope, the electron microscope, the CAT scan, the MRI, the Hubble Space Telescope are just a few technological instruments that vastly changed the way scientists viewed & understood the world. There will be many more to come, unless we humans manage to send ourselves into extinction warring with each other.

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