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The collective

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The human functioning, shows similarities among each others, creating an standard patron beyond common acceptances.

The basic spiritual needs are mostly equal by everyone.

Everybody looks for a match.

Everybody looks forth to be in control.

Everybody looks forth to be appreciated and have recognition to its person and acts.

All of this and other basic characteristics makes us not so different from each others as we thought.

The point is, how do we deal with it?

The key to that, is to trace and classified what the basic spiritual needs are, after that, the blueprints for a perfect world can be achieved.

Lets take ‘the match’ to begin.

Matching is a very large and complex characteristic, found by everybody but not equal to everyone. Part of it is born, other is learn. The ideal match becomes practically impossible to be realized, do to the fact that we all differ from each others. If a perfect match (PM) will be there, so will be happiness too. From this point starts assimilation through adaptation. Problem is to give up a part of the own characteristics in favor of the collective, resistances to that can be expected, and be oppressed or accepted. If the collective accept a member with no PM the consequences are a potential instability to the group, but again if a collective match is forced, the individuals will lose part of theirs identity.

Many open questions reminds about making the right choices and right decisions.

Individuals, having the choice to adapt, can do it rightfully or wrongly, it all depends on the individuals specific status and accepted measure parameters. The collective itself is nothing more then individuals brought together, making themselves a synergetic pile of mass, and just for those solely circumstances pretending to be more powerful and righteous than single individuals is not a fact.

Only a PM does. Problem is to define PM.

An agreement to a fully an complete PM is virtually impossible. To compensate the urgent needs of having a PM, people attended to compromise, accepting lesser in stead of the whole measure, that’s a wrong thing to do as it will worsen the already weakling world structure.

A definition of a PM has to be closer to the original patron, fitting with all natural undamaged humans, as a large whole community, where everybody has it’s own desired place acting in a progressive way for the good of everyone.

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