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Season 1 Debate Results

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The final results for finished debates will be posted here.

Pyramids: Alien Help?

Byuu (26) vs Falco Rex (35) [W]

Crop Circles: Method or Lie?

Mickyboy (25) vs Blue-Scorpion (29) [W]

Life After Death

Burnside (Disq) vs Galor [Win by default]

Does the Loch Ness Monster Exist?

Burnside and Aquatus [Win by default] vs Student&Alive and Byuu94

Drafting during wartime

Faulkner [Failed to finish] vs Scar [Win by default]

Is violent movies the cause ?

UniversalAbsurdity [W] (30) vs Angelfish (20)

What best explains the UFO Phenomenon ?

Faulkner [Win by default] vs DieByTheFlyGuy [Failed to finish]

Genetic Engineering: For and Against

Stillcrazy [W] (26) vs Saucy (23)

The Roswell Incident: Hoax or Genuine ?

UniversalAbsurdity [W] (31) vs Saucy (17)

Secrecy VS The people's right to know

Mickyboy [W] (19) vs Angelfish (18)

Is NASA right to abandon the Hubble Space Telescope?

UniversalAbsurdity[W] (32) vs Scar (27)

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