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A poem-like thing about the Solar Maximum/CME

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The Mass Coronal Ejection,

Perplexing, possible destruction,

Imminence of a disaster,

Foreseen, prophesized by the master,

Global chaos, unordered death,

Burning life with a single breath,

An aurora of sin covers us all,

Getting away would be a job too tall.

Possibilities of the unforeseen future,

Lie in the hands of the ones they say nurture,

Our minds, souls, hearts, and brain,

But leave behind, what we once knew in vain,

The signs given to us, all throughout history

People leaving notes, hints within stone mystery

Is it true, the inevitable changes?

I guess we will see; It comes in ages,

Is it our time? Soon we will know,

Don’t believe the hype, don’t follow or show,

Ignorance, idiocy, politics or others,

Enjoy your life, you could be given another....

So, don't laugh too hard, I was just bored. :)

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:lol: good stuff

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:lol: good stuff

Yeah, the end part about 'you may be given another' life, means if you fall into believing all the hype, and then find out it was all just propaganda, what will you do? Be basically given another life..... riight? :)

Because there are people out there that waste their entire lives on crap like DOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM... 2012. hahaha

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